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Adynor is an idea born out of the need to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical experience for fresh graduates. It is a new age “Campus to Corporate” company that allows students to have internships with organizations to get them industry ready. Adynor aims to instilling domain and technical knowledge in engineering graduates by offering them the opportunity to work on live projects from corporations, SMEs and start-ups.

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For many aspiring students, securing admission into a good college or university can no longer promise a plush job title. The problem exists due to a very considerable gap between what the industry expects from its recruits and what the newcomers are able to deliver on the table. The theoretical knowledge imparted in the educational institutes can fall short when it comes to actually finding a solution for a real-time industry problem. The issue becomes even more defined for students graduating from tier 2 cities and tier 2 colleges. Companies often tend to overlook candidates from relatively lesser known institutions. A resume that showcases eligible experience or live project skill can set it apart from scores of other similar ones.

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The process to become a part of Adynors endeavour to make final year students pursuing degrees in BTech/BE, BCA, MCA, MTech/ME ready for real-time projects is very simple:

“From approx 6 lakhs graduating engineers, only 18.43% are readily employable”

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With the criteria for industry recruitment becoming more and more competitive every day, freshers might find it difficult to prove their credibility for the job. Adynor Technologies caters a credible solution for this problem by creating a win-win-win situation for students, colleges and corporates. By undertaking a live project for a corporate while pursuing their degree, students can –

  • Work towards minimizing the gap between their theoretical knowledge and industry expectations.
  • Make themselves more employable from day one.
  • Deduce which technologies they are good at and are interested in.
  • Have the opportunity to get a job with the company he/she worked with.

Adynor believes in making their students not just industry ready but also adept at taking part in interviews and consultations. For this purpose, students are also given the opportunity to work on their soft skills, personality traits and interview skills. They can also make use of Adynor’s recruiting services to help get the right job as per their choice.

The project of your choice

Journey of the thousand miles begins with a single step.

To achieve the desired success you need to do something differently. Enroll in the Adynor programme which is free and choose project of your choice. With this step you can explore the possibilities:

  • Do the project in the technology of your choice.
  • Get mentored by the industry professionals.
  • Get ahead of your peer in building your professional career.
  • Network with other Students/Freshers/Techies who are in the similar boat.
  • Get exposed to MNCs, SMEs and start-ups.
  • Get the dream job in the city of your choice in the best companies.

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Adynor Technologies is an ecosystem to bring the college students, institution guides and companies together. Brings upon opportunities to students to get an industry level exposure at the university level. Helps the companies to build their project at an economic cost and also have a ready talent in their hand.

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