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    There are four key benefits through e-Learning:
  • Faster delivery
  • Lower costs
  • More effective learning
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Adynor provides a platform for students to learn new skills or brush up their skill sets on latest Information technologies (based on current industry needs). Adynor will help final year students or fresher graduates in making them more employable through live and near-live project scenarios under an experienced mentorship.
    There are four users in this site:
  • Company: Companies provide projects for students to work on. They may have more than one projects available to students at a given time.
  • Mentor: He / She is the experienced professional on a given technology domain. He / She is usually employed by the Company and assigned to coach the students on projects, based on company requirements.
  • Guide: He / She is the professor who is assigned by the college / university. He / She helps Students meet the curriculum requirements, jointly working alongside the Mentor.
  • Student: He / She is the person who will be working on the project under the guidance of his professor and company mentor.
  • This site is dedicated towards building a library of projects in the latest technologies for students to work upon. Currently, all the projects are in Information Technology field.
  • Yes, the mentors from companies or consultancies will be provided for each project.
  • There are various plans and offerings available to students who will be registering in Adynor. The plans involve 4 components: Free, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The student may wish to choose any one of them at a given time. Services will vary as per the plans.
  • The duration of the projects can be anywhere from few weeks to few months to a year, depending upon the need of the Company. The same will be mentioned against each project scenario.
  • Today, the companies are very interested in employing fresh graduates who have been practically exposed to latest technologies available in the market. By availing the services offered by Adynor on this site, the students will get practical exposure to project scenarios and help make a student more industry ready. On completion of the project, a certificate will be awarded to students, which can improve the student’s job perspectives.
    Here are the benefits to the companies:
  • Industry ready students who are productive from Day1
  • Untapped talent available at economic value
  • Saves upon resources – such as time, money, etc.
  • Adynor provides various services like Soft skills training, psychometric tests, group discussions and interview techniques to students. These services will help the students in getting the job of their choice in the shortest possible period of time.
    Here are the benefits to the colleges / institutions:
  • Enhanced Image & Branding
  • Better Placements
  • Attracting good students
  • Competitive faculty
  • Yes, students have the option of either forming a team up to 4 members in a team or work alone. The team members will be specified by the companies who are responsible for assigning the projects.
  • All payments will have to be made online by the students .
  • Yes, Adynor provides an opportunity for students to perform projects outside of their curriculum. In this case, the company mentors serve a dual purpose of guiding the students on a particular technology.
  • Yes of now, Adynor supports “one project at a time” feature. Though depending on which plan the student opts for, the number of projects in one year can increase up to 3.
  • Adynor has tied up with many SMEs and start-ups. A student has an advantage to reach out to the companies or the companies can look him up on our portal, increasing student profile visibility chances. Furthermore, various support materials in terms of soft skills are available on the portal to help the students to be better prepared.
  • Yes, all projects are unique and related with the company who wants to achieve their own specific goals.
  • In case of curriculum based projects, student’s faculty guide needs to register as well. The portal requires three parties – company mentor, course guide / faculty and student(s) to complete the ecosystem and work together.
  • All the participants on this portal are bound by NDA. If any company requires students to sign any additional agreements to protect the IP, this can be considered. Apart from this, companies have an option to select and form their own team of virtual interns through our pool of student users.
  • The companies can also set an option of breaking up their projects in different parts / sections and form different teams of students to work upon different segments of their assignment without either of the teams interacting with each other. This way it helps them to protect the IP.
  • Adynor has many projects from Indian companies.
  • However, Adynor also has few international companies’ projects and mentors.
  • Adynor’s portal has an internal chat room built for everyone to communicate. However, for longer talks, Skype can be used for video conferencing.
  • Adynor has developed a new feature for companies to host mini and short duration virtual hackathons for students.
  • Awards can either be given by the companies themselves or they may get in touch with Adynor’s support team directly at support@adynor.com to conduct such programs.
  • A student will be graded by both their faculty guides and company mentors. The grades will be on display of the student’s profile. These grades will be shown only to the companies interested in hiring the students.