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Adynor is a new age “Campus to Corporate” company enabling Graduates to become industry ready for jobs by facilitating students to work on live projects from various organizations while instilling domain and technical knowledge to further engineering education.

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We are a team of creative person trying to make the world a better place

Adynor is a Bangalore based e-Learning and skill development company which has identified a gap between theoretical & practical learning and is trying to fill the gap by exposing students to live & near-live projects from various companies. We connect the engineering colleges and corporates in this unique state of the art platform which help the students to become industry ready from day one of employment.


  • Nurture a fresh engineering graduates into an experienced resource (can measure up to a year work experienced resource) by the time they complete their graduation.
  • Make the graduate into billable resources in the shortest possible duration upon taking up work assignment.
  • Enhance skills of students on various subjects through additional learning paths such as Web and mobile telephony.
  • Facilitate tailor made e-learning programs from some of the best domestic and international universities and Institutes.


  • Ready resources with Domain and Industry skill sets.
  • Reduced Cost of resource acquisition.
  • Reduced on-boarding cost and time by shortening entry-level training programs for fresh recruits.
  • Contain On-the-job training cost.


  • Provide Industry projects, mentors and internships to the Graduates.
  • Track interest and scores of each Graduate.
  • Present the Feedback from the mentors and project guides to the interviewing Corporate.
  • Corporate can run Quiz, Test, and Assignments and pick the best Graduates.
  • Corporate can filter out the Graduates based on their requirements.
  • Extensive Interview Workshop for students.

We would like to take an opportunity to present our program and discuss with you a prospect to mutually develop the best “Industry Ready Resource” acquisition program.

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“From approx 6 lakhs graduating engineers, only 18.43% are readily employable”

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more of our services

In addition to providing the practical knowledge/experience to the student community, we also prove the following additional services to achieve the success that you deserve.

Recruiting Services:

Our program will help you get the job with the company that you doe the project with. In case required, in addition to this we also provide recruiting services to help you get the right job of your choice.

Soft Skills:

We provide cluster of personality traits like communication/language skills, negotiation skills, interpersonal skills & many more, to improve the emotional intelligence quotient of every student.

Interviewing Skills:

we help you with the required preparation like resume preparation, etiquettes, personal/technical Q&A before interview to help you achieve the positive outcome you deserve.

Psychometric Tests:

we give series of psychometric tests to the students like aptitude test, personality tests, situational judgment test to name a few & based on the results, we council the student for the right career choices.

Technologies & projects

trying to make the world a better place

Learn to build android app from seartch


Dive into fascinating world of analytics


Build an e-commercs website from scratch

Web Development

Dive into the new-age of technology of internet of things

Internet of Things

Several projects available in Big data & Hadoop

Big data & Hadoop

Learn several internet security techniques through projects


Learn to design & develop projects in Cloud technology


Dive into fascinating world of Mainframe


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If you are interested to know more about how we can help you in bridging the gap between your college curriculum & corporate jobs, how we can help you in getting the practice experience in the state of the art technologies with the mentorship from the relevant industry, please sign up & know more.

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We are a team of creative person trying to make the world a better place